2012 Wedding Trends: Dresses, Colours, Details, Honeymoons and many more…

Marta May Photography

Marta May Photography

Lots of couples are now planning their 2012 weddings so, to help you out, I have shortly described the upcoming wedding trends in decor, fashion, food, honeymoons, and more. What is the most important? Details and creativity!

Decor – elegant, chic and simple compositions. Instead of round tables you will be able to notice long and elegant ones. Reason? They highlight elegant decorations.

Outdoor weddings – something different, interesting and relaxing.

Back to the past – vintage style, small stylised gifts for your guests, Victorian or tsarist style of wedding dresses – long, full skirts paired with corsets, lace, chokers, and high collars. These are the details that you’ll see on runways in 2012. Many brides will choose to have two dresses – a fuller, more ornate dress for their ceremony, and more casual, sometimes short reception dress.

Details – are more important than ever! Every smallest thing should be carefully planned, so don’t forget about original wedding wignettes, stylish chairs, subtle colours. Ultra-romantic wedding bouquets in soft colours will pair beautifully with the romantic wedding dresses.

Colours – neutrals will make a comeback in 2012, however, with choices that convey tranquility, such as beige and pale blue.

Vintage style in photography – wedding albums that look like the ones from 1920s  are very fashionable.

Interesting and sophisticated menu – simple, traditional dishes served in a modern way are the key to success here.

Wedding cakes – are not flat, they are sophisticated, finely decorated with traditional chic. Natural flowers or fruits replace the artificial ones, and the most important thing – a big and elegant wedding cake table. Full-on dessert tables will become very popular, with smatterings of pies, cupcakes, and other treats.

Honeymoons – must be in distant, exotic places such as Bali, Nepal or even Morocco… :) Forget about Mexico!

Are you getting married in 2012? What wedding trends are you spotting?



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