Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses – Alfred Angelo

Have you ever dreamt of being a Princess on your wedding day? Alfred Angelo, inspired by Disney Fairy Tale Princesses, has now made it possible…


SLEEPING BEAUTY (picture above) – Aurora’s tale is retold with a romantic taffeta gown featuring multiple layers of dreamy gossamer tulle, reminiscent of cascading briar rose petals.  The re-embroidered lace and crystal beaded bodice with rose detail add an elegant touch.

Just have a look at this one and other fabulous dresses by following this link: DISNEY FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS



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Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings



Baby’s Breath


Calla Lily



















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Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings… Anemones

click on the photo to see a bigger picture :)




Meaning: Expectation

Colours: Blue, red, pink and white

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: None

In Season: August to December (Japanese) and January to May (Wood)

Price Range: Moderate

Floral Fact: Anemones bloom in either single or double blossoms.


The name anemone comes from the Greek word for windflower.

According to Greek mythology, the anemone sprang from Aphrodite’s tears as she mourned the death of Adonis.

Thought to bring luck and protect against evil, legend has it that when the anemone closes its petals, it’s a signal that rain is approaching.

Still other mythology connects the anemone to magical fairies, who were believed to sleep under the petals after they closed at sunset. Perhaps it’s because of this magical and prophetic tales that today in the language of flowers, anemones represent anticipation.



Wedding flowers – traditional or artistic?

Bridal bouquet is probably one of the most important decorations on your wedding day and there is so many stunning flowers available and every flower has its’ hidden meaning…

But there is also another option – original, controversial, artistic… in other words – different.


Have you ever considered a bridal bouquet made of peacock feathers, butterflies, jewellery, origami, shells, buttons or silk flowers?


Then have a look at the gallery I’ve prapared for you.


All photos come from ETSY.COM – follow this link and you’ll find even more inspiring ideas for your wedding!

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The Best Wedding Proposal Ever!


This is the best Wedding Proposal Ever! But that’s not all – you have to watch it till the end! :)




Spring weddings – inspiration from Paris!

Astronomical winter hasn’t even started yet, but it’s good to think about spring from time to time.

Longer days, bright colours, warmth, first spring flowers… what an exciting time! A PERFECT TIME FOR A WEDDING!


If you feel cold and sad right now, you have to watch this inspirational spring wedding video from the most romantic city in the world!



veil – Delphine Manivet

wedding dress – Rime Arodaky

location – Trianon Palace Versailles

cinematography – Dolly Wedding


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DIY Wedding Gifts

A personalised wedding gift is a fantastic idea! If I got a gift like that, I would just keep it forever…


You will need:

40-70 inches of ribbon in various tones, about 2″-3″ in width
Miscellaneous fabrics, such as burlap, knit sweaters, etc…


Here’s how you prepare the gift (the DIY is for the center row image on the left):

  • Cut a couple of pieces of ribbon in 3″-5″ increments, depending upon the desired size of your finished gift. Do the same with fabrics, sweaters and burlap.


  • Prepare a big stack, alternating each color and type of material. Tie a very tight knot around the centre of the entire stack (use the twine to do that).


  • Cut the ribbon into smaller strips and keep the center uncut. Separate and pull strips apart to make your completed gift!


Your fabulous wedding gift is ready! :)


(the original idea comes from Summer Watkins at GREY LIKES WEDDINGS and all the images have been taken by JENNY LIU)



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