DIY Wedding Gifts

A personalised wedding gift is a fantastic idea! If I got a gift like that, I would just keep it forever…


You will need:

40-70 inches of ribbon in various tones, about 2″-3″ in width
Miscellaneous fabrics, such as burlap, knit sweaters, etc…


Here’s how you prepare the gift (the DIY is for the center row image on the left):

  • Cut a couple of pieces of ribbon in 3″-5″ increments, depending upon the desired size of your finished gift. Do the same with fabrics, sweaters and burlap.


  • Prepare a big stack, alternating each color and type of material. Tie a very tight knot around the centre of the entire stack (use the twine to do that).


  • Cut the ribbon into smaller strips and keep the center uncut. Separate and pull strips apart to make your completed gift!


Your fabulous wedding gift is ready! :)


(the original idea comes from Summer Watkins at GREY LIKES WEDDINGS and all the images have been taken by JENNY LIU)



Best wishes,