Something Blue… what’s your choice?

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This tradition comes from an Old English rhyme “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”, and the four objects are just good luck charms.

Something old represents continuity,

something new offers optimism for the future,

something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness,

something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity,

and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.


Here are some ideas for your something blue:



Put your best foot forward with navy pumps or just add blue I DO and ME TOO shoe stickers. Show the stickers off all day to your guests and don’t forget to take a photo!

You can also use shoe clips which can be worn in a number of ways and you can add a ring and matching hair pins too…




You could wear a blue ring, a sapphire sparkler, like the one worn by Kate Middleton or a wooden wedding ring like the ones on the photo.

You can also choose a cobalt blue seaglass necklace or a vintage blue locket…



Garter – keep it delicate or opt for a modern glam with a twist.

Underwear – sexy cheeky I DO undies for him and for her, only you and your hubby will know if your azure undies are naughty or nice.



Temporary tattoo – a tiny indigo heart on the inside of your wrist puts the fun in romance. You can also choose a glittered I DO tattoo like the one on the photo!

Fascinator – charm well-wishers with a pastel blue or a peacock headpiece…

If you would rather choose to hide your something blue, get this peacock feather pocket mirror!



Edible butterflies are gorgeous on cupcakes or to use as accents on larger cakes; made of wafer paper and food color…

The blue wedding toast and cake serving wedding reception collection will make you feel special on your Big Day! (Collection: Peacock Toasting Flutes, Ring Dish, Cake Plate, Cake Serving Set)

Ring bearer pillow or rustic, personalized with any two initials, ring bearer jewellery box.

Instead of traditional rice you could also use blue Wedding Wands…

All photos come from ETSY.COM – follow this link and you’ll find even more inspiring ideas for your wedding!


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Have you ever thought of making your own wedding rings?

If you are feeling adventurous you could make your own ring…

Yes! it is possible :)


There are producers who offer this option to their customers and you can share the unique and romantic experience of making each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of an expert jeweller.

Just follow this link where you’ll be able to actually see how it looks like: LARSEN JEWELLERY – UNIQUE WEDDING RINGS


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Unique Bridal Jewellery and Accessories from Reverie Art

Are you looking for unique bridal jewellery and accessories?

If yes – you no longer have to do that – just have a look at Reverie’s works of art and you’ll fall in love with them!


Every piece of jewellery, which Monika makes, proves that she is a real artist – every item is unrepeatable and uniquely exceptional and therefore will make you feel special on your wedding day!


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… and here are some samples of Monika’s works of art:


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