Do you like spring?

I do like moody weather – but after two weeks of darkness and rain I’d like to see the sun again :)

Here’s one of Marta May Photography’s posts – this one’s about spring, so I thought I’d share it:


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Marta May Photography

New ‘Win Your Wedding Photography’ Competition Coming Soon!

WIN YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY competition – New Edition coming soon!!!

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Beutiful Bridal Bouquet – Wedding Photographer Hereford

I love the colours of this bridal bouquet – don’t you?

More can be found on Marta May Photography’s BLOG




MayBrides’ Wedding Photography Wizards… Jacek Kordus

Some professional photographers are obsessed with themselves and they tell you that they are the best possible choice you can make.

Other photographers are natural, creative and talented.


They don’t have to sell themselves.

That’s why I like Jacek – he’s authentic!


On his blog he says: ‘I’m not gonna write that I’ve always loved photography, I discovered it at some point of my life’ and then he adds: ‘in addition to good money, photography gives me this unique opportunity of meeting really amazing people’. A really talented, creative, natural and honest photographer – have a look at some samples of his work:



To find out more visit:


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Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings… Hydrangea





Meaning: Understanding

Colours: White, Blue, Purple, Pink

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: None

In Season: Spring and fall

Price Range: Expensive


Hydrangea flowers grow in small, star-shaped blossoms that bloom in large clusters to completely cover hydrangea stems.

They were discovered in Japan. The name is derived from the Grecian words for water (hydor) and jar (angos), which loosely translates into “water barrel,” a reference to the bell- or cup-shaped growth pattern of the flowers.

Hydrangea flowers convey heartfelt, deep feelings when given as a gift. More specific meanings of hydrangea flowers have been debated at length. Some floral experts say hydrangea flowers convey vanity, while others say the flowers express thankfulness to a person with an understanding nature. Under any meaning, hydrangea flowers are the blossom of choice for the fourth wedding anniversary.



Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings… Gardenia



Meaning: Purity, joy

Colour: White

Best For: Bouquets and boutonnieres

Scent: Very fragrant

In Season: Year-round

Price Range: Expensive


Gardenia is native to tropical and subtropical regions such as Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania.

Gardenia is a richly symbolic flower maintaining a sweet presence and standing as a highly valued symbolic gesture when given as a gift. The added beauty of these flowers is that they convey intense emotional meanings, which, if given as a gift, helps express a person’s feelings to someone. The gardenia, therefore, signifies joy, purity, secret love and is associated with thoughts of beauty.

Although gardenias are often used in relatively small floral arrangements or as floating flowers, their sweet and pleasing scent has made them popular in homes and for special events. Prized for their sweet smell coupled with their symbols of beauty and purity, gardenias can be seen in wedding celebrations, since marriage traditionally represents love and purity.

In the Chinese herbal tradition, gardenias have been used for medicinal purposes to calm irritability and anxiety.


ELLIS Grand Wedding Show – Alice in Wonderland – 27th of May 2012

ELLIS Wedding Shows provides Exquisite Wedding Shows for the Herefordshire Bride.

They are known for their professionally organised, glamorous wedding events  and are proud to be an UK Elite Supplier with Pavone Weddings!


This event can’t be missed!:


SUNDAY 27th MAY  –  11am-3pm

The Chase Hotel, Ross-on-Wye

  • FREE Entry
  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Gift Bag (complete with discounts, beauty products and much more…)


Find out more by following this link: ELLIS WEDDING SHOWS



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