Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings… Daisy

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Meaning: Purity, innocence, loyal love, patience, beauty, and even ‘secrecy between two persons’.

Best For: Bouquets

Scent: None

In Season: Year-round

Price Range: Inexpensive (in season)


Whether grown in wild or planted in flower gardens, a daisy flower has long been appreciated for its simple beauty. Like every flower known to us, this delicate bloom has a meaning of its own. And the amazing part about daisy bloom is that meanings gathered from different sources are all optimistic. But the most accepted daisy meaning is purity and innocence.

In earlier days, maidens wore daisy flowers to decorate their hair, which symbolized simplicity and innocence of youth. Also, there was a time when a daisy flower gifted by a maiden was considered a sign of affection and respectable gesture. Till today, the daisy bloom is used to express the language of love in a special way. It is commonly related to the fifth wedding anniversary and also, a bouquet of daisies is given to a new mother to welcome the newborn baby. No wonder, lovers have also gifted daisies to each other as a token of their undying love!

The flower’s name comes from the term “day’s eye,” a reference to the fact that daisy blooms are only open during the day and close up at night.

More meanings:

  • Love detector. Daisies have long been associated with love. The, “she loves me, she loves me not,” method of pulling petals from a flower was first used with the daisy to tell love’s fortune.
  • Childlike. The daisy flower is often seen as a symbol of innocence-more particularly, the innocence of youth. Children throughout the ages have made “daisy chains” from the flowers to wear as they play.
  • Purity. In many western cultures, the daisy represents purity. In Sweden, for example, daisies are known as “priest’s collars”, because their petals resemble the stiff white collars worn by those in the clergy.
  • Simply perfect. The daisy has been celebrated in art and poetry for its simple beauty. Hairpins decorated with daisies have been found in ancient ruins dating back 4,000 years.




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