Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings… Calla Lily

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Meaning: Magnificent beauty

Colours: White, Ivory,Cream, Green, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Deep Purple, Black

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: Lightly fragrant

In Season: Spring and summer

Price Range: Expensive

Floral Fact: This large tropical flower is very popular in weddings.


Calla lilies are native to southern Africa. On the African island Madagascar, the calla lily thrives due to the steady temperatures and moderate seasons.

The calla lily was brought to Europe by the Romans in association with the winter solstice. The lilies were forced to bloom indoors during the darkest time of year to celebrate the preservation of the light and bringing the light indoors. Calla lilies were often associated with funerals, only later to become a popular wedding flower.

The lily was a sacred flower to the Minoans and also prized among the ancient Jews. In Christian iconography, the flower came to represent purity and chastity. In contrast with this, the flower’s large spadix, a phallic flower stalk containing many male (pistillate) and female flowers, was symbolic of lust and sexuality among the Romans.



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