TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Bridal Shops in Herefordshire

Just imagine – very soon you’ll be walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress, everybody looking at you and thinking – God, she looks stunning! You won’t even feel your guests’ looks – because of the one and only person – your future husband – waiting for you up there. Just imagine his thoughts, love, joy, excitement, pride, and visualise the look of his face when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day! The moment so magical and impossible to forget…

No way, you have to have this ideal wedding dress and all the accessories!

Today I took a closer look at what Herefordshire has to offer as far as bridal boutiques are concerned and I found some lovely shops – not many – but enough to help you find your unique wedding dress or at least help you decide what style you prefer. Here are some links:

Amore Bridal Wear

Ashton Rose Bridal Centre

Dresses For Divas

Lace of Malvern

Lily Oliver Bridal Boutique

Madeleines of Ledbury

Maggie Elizabeth Couture

Let’s keep in touch!


Marta May Photography

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